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Badger face close-up

Surveys and Assessment

Professional surveys carried out with a high level of experience, appropriate licences and state of the art equipment.


  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals 

  • Invasive Species Surveys 

  • Biodiversity Checklists

  • Bat Surveys 

  • Badger Surveys 

  • Otter Surveys 

  • Red Squirrel Surveys 

  • Pine Marten Surveys

  • Newt Surveys

  • Common Lizard Surveys

Bat survey mitigation works

Licenced Works and Mitigation

We are passionate about practical mitigation measures to ensure your development meets any planning conditions required.

  • Ecological Clerk of Works 

  • Protected Species Licences 

  • Protected Species Mitigation

  • Management Plans 

  • Bat Boxes Installed 

  • Bat Structure Design 

  • Pine Marten Boxes Installed 

habitat restoration


From large scale mapping and research projects to habitat creation and restoration we are ready to discuss your needs. 

  • Protected Species Management

  • Protected Species Monitoring 

  • Habitat Creation/Restoration

  • Re-wilding Projects 

  • Habitat Management 

  • Management Plans

  • Gardening for Biodiversity 

  • Biodiversity Enhancement 

We are happy to hear from you, whether you need specific surveys carried out for planning, a discharge of conditions, planning advice or have a biodiversity idea you wish to discuss. Just click below to get in touch for a chat and/or a free quote! 

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